Cup of Kindness

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By BookRenter Mike

Cup of Kindness

The concept of a random act of kindness baffles me a litte bit. What is a random act of kindness?  Should I be prepared to act at a moment’s notice? In my opinion for an act of kindness to be seen as truly random, it needs to be an act that is completely unexpected and happen in the blink of the eye. Every day we have the opportunity to commit random acts of kindness, and today I decided to take advantage of that opportunity.

On my way to class this morning, I stopped by the local coffee shop in the library to grab a cup of steaming, hot coffee before class. Unfortunately, for the girl in front of me, the credit card machine was down and she had zero cash. At 7:50 in the morning, the prospect of attending class in ten minutes can seem downright daunting without that caffeine boost. Typically I’m pretty shy, but today I clawed my way to the front and bought her a tall cup of Joe. We ending up talking for about 5 minutes, and the unexpected conversation brightened my morning. Although, I don’t remember her name (come on it was 7:50 in the morning!), I now have another person to say hi to on my way to class.

The only problem with my RAK? I ended up being late to class!

2 Responses to Cup of Kindness

  1. Betty L. says:

    Good story – very kind of you! 🙂 Need coffee – especially in the mornings!

  2. Erin says:

    Check out the website it’s all about random acts of kindness, you’ll love the website. Sorry you were late for class, but what you did was awesome!