Top 6 Tips for Preparing for Graduation

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By BookRenter Nicole

by Jason Bache

It’s your last semester of college, and graduation is right around the corner! But before you get a major case of Senioritis, here are a few things to keep in mind before the big day.

  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor to check up on your student record. You should have a chat with him/her to make sure that you’re even eligible to graduate. Some things you should bring up are: Did I meet all of the requirements to graduate? Do I still have outstanding credits? Did I transfer those study abroad credits to my current record? Did my transcripts from the other university transfer successfully?
  • Make sure there aren’t any discrepancies on your degree evaluation. If you notice something funky, make sure to investigate and correct it before it’s too late.
  • Keep in mind that walking and attending the Commencement exercises may be different. If you still have more units to complete, you could technically just be walking in the ceremony, not actually graduating…yet.
  • Double check that you don’t have any outstanding balances with your college/university that would prevent you from receiving your diploma or transcripts. You don’t want to have to go through the whole exciting process only to realize that your diploma can’t be sent to you until you pay off that year you dormed on campus.
  • APPLY FOR GRADUATION. (You’d be surprised at how many students don’t know that you actually have to apply to graduate.) The school’s registrar team basically audits your academic records to ensure that all of the institution’s obligations have been met. For some schools, there may be a separate application for each degree you’re applying for. Whether the application is online at your school’s website, or at the advisor’s office, or even in a folder on the 2nd shelf, in aisle 5 of the campus bookstore — make sure to apply for graduation.
  • Attend your school’s grad events! You can order personalized announcements, class rings, take professional pictures, order your cap and gown, and choose your diploma frame! It’s where you can get all of your fancy grad stuff!

These are just some ideas you may want to keep in mind. But what you really want to do is check your own school’s checklist. Get all of your graduation info together! Besides, once you get this all squared away, you can go back to enjoying Senior year!

9 Responses to Top 6 Tips for Preparing for Graduation

  1. Nikita Nik says:

    Thanks for the great advices.
    I am not graduating this semester but I would love to win the gift card!

  2. Bonnie Sue says:

    What great suggestions!

  3. Hayleigh says:

    Make sure you check repeatedly with your counseling department to make sure you really do have the credits to graduate. You’d be amazed how many times they’ll change it on you at some schools.

  4. Cindy Ray says:

    I am not graduating, but my husband is the beginning of February 🙂 And I would really l ♥ to win the gift card! 😉 Thanks for the wonderful advice!

  5. SassyFontaine says:

    Great tips! Especially since graduation is just around the corner for me, couldn’t have done it without you guys too, you saved me a TON of money!!! I <3 BOOKRENTER!!!!!

  6. Linda F says:

    Great tips! My son will be graduating in May.

  7. I am graduating this semester! Yay! But I am going back in the fall for more!

    Don’t forget that you also will need to do a financial aid exit interview if you get financial aid.

  8. Nicole T says:

    Great advice!

  9. Great post for seniors! Definitely provides guidance on the last few (and important) tasks to earn that diploma. Congrats to the upcoming Class of 2011!