Tiki Trivia BookRenter Water Bottle Winners

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Congratulations, to our 25 lucky winners of a BookRenter Water Bottle!

Lisa Mcfarland
Rhonda Korenich
Kim Hale Page
Ang To
Linda Newton Hull
Sharon Wilson
Sharon Kerekes
Inger Miller
Joe Beets
Cassie Grrl
Heather Galbraith
Nikki Miller
Jillian Peeples
Faviola Villanueva
Rolinda English Dawson
Wanda Hays Hummingbird
Lindsay Farrell
Jessica Sims
Dan Taft
Lisa Dixion
Laura Anderson
Lisa Klimah
Jaafar Tsouli Moufid
Ron Morrow
Lis Trigueros

3 Responses to Tiki Trivia BookRenter Water Bottle Winners

  1. Trish says:

    Seriously! It is hard to co-exist. It helps to have different schedules so you’re not together too often. Great article!

  2. nikki miller says:

    i won, i won!!!

  3. Shawn says:

    Great article on living with roomies!