Our Weekly Coffee Winner is…..

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Congratulations, Lisa you are this week’s $10 coffee gift card winner!

“Life is difficult enough without adding more unnecessary drama! We all need to learn how to live, laugh and love! All the choices listed above are good but we do live by the choices made and just remember everything that looks good isn’t good to include deciding on taking a roommate.”

Comment on our blog  and be entered in to win one of our weekly coffee giveaways. Each winner will receive a $10 gift card, to one of the following: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or TBD.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced each Wednesday.

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10 Responses to Our Weekly Coffee Winner is…..

  1. louise brown says:

    I would like a change to win free coffee thanks

  2. Tamara R. says:

    Congrats Lisa!

  3. Julie Trejo says:

    Congrats Lisa!!

  4. ANITA F says:

    need coffee……

  5. Paul Amash, Jr. says:

    Coffee Coffee Coffee!

  6. Lisa says:

    Wow..just randomly looked at the link and saw I was the winner! How cool is that?!!
    Thanks BookRenter!!!

  7. jeremy c says:

    exam week….please send coffee….quickly please…

  8. joshua c says:

    please feed my coffee addiction……withdrawls are kicking in…..hhhheeeelllllpppppp meeeeeee……..

  9. JEREMY C says:

    biking to school this month…please send coffee…..quick……long trip in the early morning,damp,cold, dark.

  10. misty hiatt says:

    wow this week is starting off crazy schools out for mlk then next day sleet after so many days missed poor kids!!