New Year’s Resolutions – Why?

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By BookRenter Andy

New Year’s is over, so it’s high time you decided on your New Year’s Resolutions and wrote them down/printed them out. Don’t think you can get away with just thinking about them, no one can do that. Not even Tikiman (aka “The Man”).

by Phillie Casablanca

by Phillie Casablanca

First, General Complaints about NYR’s:

  • New Year’s resolutions are personal goals. So why make them on Jan 1? Is your birthday on Jan 1? NO! (If it is, we’ll send you a birthday t-shirt).
  • It would make more sense to make a New Years Resolution on your birthday, when it’s actually a new year for you. On your birthday, you are entering into a new year of your life. On Jan. 1, you are probably the most hungover you’ve ever been in your life, and you’re probably still the same age in years you were on Dec. 31.

Still, there’s no defying tradition in America, so you have to make NYR’s. I asked The Man what his were. He sent a spear flying my way with some NYR’s on it:

  • Save students tons of dough by renting their textbooks. (Check out our new coupon tab)
  • Donate even more books, this year through our partnership with First Book, to put new books in the hands of children.
  • Get some shoes (?)

Mine are a bit more traditional. What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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156 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions – Why?

  1. Susan Vaughn says:

    To be more active.

    • Stephen Smith says:

      To continue working hard to earn a 4.0 again this coming semester.

  2. angie says:

    I wanna get more organized! and start saving more!

  3. Dana Vieira says:

    To lose weight!

  4. nicole saleh says:

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  5. Karen says:

    Let’s get organized, please!!

  6. Christopher Banks says:

    To set goals. You want to have motivation to set goals and a new years resolution is a good way to jump start it since you won’t be the only one doing one. Support in numbers 🙂

  7. Kim Ashworth says:

    My New Years Resolution is to get more organized!!!!

    Kim Ashworth

  8. michele malone says:

    I would love to be entered. Happy New Year!

  9. carin says:

    to go to sleep earlier every night(bad habit of staying up wayy too late)

  10. TIFF says:

    Read with the kids more, because they LOVE it

  11. nicole saleh says:

    My new years resolution is to lose weight! I’m sure you hear that a lot but really, I’m going to try hard. And of course pass all my classes in school and study hard.

  12. Joanne says:

    save more and get all A’s next semester!

  13. Stephanie says:

    To find a better city to live in. Its way over due.

  14. Raynah McFarland says:

    My New Year’s Resolution would have to be to continue to be the best person I can be, do more recycling, growing more of my own vegetables, and adopting some more horses in need of a loving home. To give more of myself. 🙂

  15. amanda says:

    I don’t really believe in them either, but i always say i’m going to quit smoking… then i remember how broke i am from the holidays and light one up. go figure

  16. Kathy says:

    to stick to my diet, and continue losing weight.

  17. Jenni says:

    I need to find a job.

  18. Tracy Harmon says:

    Ok so someone else tried to NYR for me because they are annoyed with one little thing I say too much. I told them you cant do that only I can make my own NYR and “thats what she said” is off the table!

  19. Joanne Gregory says:

    I resolve to be more active!

  20. Teresa F says:

    To spend more time with my kids.

  21. Bonnie Woodrum says:

    I feel the same the first of Jan seems a bit hectic for most. Set the goal an try to reach it by the next birthday. But mine is just 7 days after Jan 1st so… not much of a delay tactic.

  22. Sharon H says:

    Spend more time with family!

  23. yelena leychik says:


  24. Brooke powers says:

    save some money!!!

  25. elizabeth b says:

    To get healthy and get my family healthy because we have diabetes in our family

  26. Susan L. says:

    I agree with the birthday thing. I never do new years. I’m looking forward to “planning ” my year!

  27. jenniffer eads says:

    to get more organized!! thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Betty says:

    To be more organized because I don’t want to be constantly behind & playing catch up.

  29. Sharon Holland says:

    My New Year’s Resolutions are to spend more time with my family, save two animals from a shelter, and donate $100 to 3 different charitable organizations.

  30. Tina M says:

    I want to lose another 10 pounds.BECAUSE I will have my wedding soon. :)))

  31. Emily Manning says:

    My New Year’s Resolutions are…
    * Volunteer at my local Animal Shelter. So many animals need forever loving homes, and I’m hoping that I can save some lives in the process!

    * Cut Pop completely out of my diet

  32. Alice Benter says:

    Stay HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Cindi A says:

    Start fresh this year with just me & my daughter!

  34. Scott Carroll says:

    To lose weight.

  35. Kory M. says:

    My resolution is to stop stressing so much and to finally move into a better home!

  36. Jennifer Kimberly says:

    Spend more time with my toddler!

  37. rene marquez says:

    read more books, cut back on sweets.

  38. michelle l says:

    Focus on doing things that make me happy!

  39. Jill carroll says:

    To stay abreast of current world news.

  40. Brandy Bates says:

    I think that I am going to start making my NYR on my I am going to enjoy the things that I already have and stop stressing over money.

  41. Billie Everly says:

    To be more active.

  42. Nicole says:

    My NYR is to spend more quality time with my children. So often we are too busy and rushed, therefore we don’t take the time to see what is going on around us, before you know and realize it, time has moved on. So I will MAKE the time to spend with my kids doing “fun” things. (as simple as coloring)

  43. Brittney Rippon says:

    My New Years Resolution is to be more active and get my family to eat more healthy!

  44. Leslie W. says:

    To be more creative through out the year. I’m starting this month by making homemade honey wheat bread! Now let’s see how it turns out, lol!

  45. Megan L. says:

    To study more because I want to do better in school!

  46. Nikita Nik says:

    My resolution for this year is taking breakfast on time and drinking lots of water to keep me healthy and active throughout my day.

  47. Vicky Castillo says:

    Spend more time with family and friends!!!

  48. katie morris says:

    So I’m slow at finding things but when I do I tell people. I’m estatic to find Bookrenters & have already told several people about you. This is a great fun site & so easy to use. Anything that helps save even pennies today is OK by me. Please work smart and stay in business. I’d love to receive a gift card
    My resolution 2011 is to try my best to stay on track & get things completed!!!!!
    “Stay on Target” ( borrowed from Star Wars was always my bowling mantra! )

  49. Amanda Owens says:

    To pay off my credit cards!

  50. C Brown says:

    I want to pay off some bills

  51. Oanh says:

    Get accepted to grad school and a job.

  52. Sara Aller says:

    To lose the baby weight.

  53. Jill says:

    I need to lose weight and eat better!

  54. Melissa W says:

    I really want to get more organized.

  55. Naomi says:

    I have a couple resolutions. One is to keep being the best aunt I can be. My brother is serving yet another tour in Iraq so my sister-in-law and two little nephews need all the love and support they can get.

    Related to that, I’d also like to write and send care packages to my brother and the troops on a more regular basis. A little goes a long way to show them we care.

  56. Brandon L. says:

    To be a nicer and more out-going person.

  57. Brooke Hoke Parr says:

    My NYR is to finally get my house in order. To do this I pledge to shop less, donate more, & use up all the craft supplies I have amassed to make some money. I will then use that money to pay down debt so that maybe I can do some home improvements/remodeling next year!

  58. Dana Noga says:

    Ugh…I have a ton of them
    1) get back to school (it’s only been over 10 years)
    2) start eating healthier
    3) become more active
    just to name a couple!

  59. Michelle says:

    To further my career and education. Because I want to make me and my family have no worries in life.

  60. Bailee says:

    To be more forgiving

  61. Sarah says:

    Mine is to lose weight. A very common NYR, but, need to do it just the same!

  62. John Manning says:

    Start Eating Healthier!

  63. jenna mieras says:

    To drink more coffee!

  64. Cindy Moore says:

    To reduce stress!

  65. Sara Lafosse says:

    My New Years resolution is to save more money.

  66. I. Almaraz says:

    sleep more

  67. Karla Chase says:

    I’m going to quit smoking. My classes start on the 19th of this month. I don’t want to be smoking when I’m up in the mountains this summer!

  68. To keep up my 4.0 GPA

  69. Liz D. says:

    To be a better person in general.

  70. valerie shortt says:

    To be more active, and to keep the weight off!

  71. Betty D. says:

    To continue to donate time in volunteering for different organizations and needs.

  72. Andrea says:

    To see God everywhere, everyday.

  73. Jana Ziegler says:

    Please take this comment as an entry for the coffee!!!!
    And, THANK YOU!!!

  74. Shannon M. says:

    More ME time!

  75. April Estepp says:

    eat healthier, loose weight, and get into shape.

  76. Best Fulfillment Guy Ever says:

    Hmmm, this is weird – I talked to Tikiman once and I’m pretty sure those weren’t his NYR’s. I know he’s more concerned with sharpening his spear and affecting global warming for the worse to make life on Earth more enjoyable for his lightly-clothed self.

  77. jana gramaglia says:

    To get out of debt is my resolution!

  78. Lis P. says:

    Write more, listen closer, empty the unnecessary from my life

  79. Daphne says:

    The number “1” is always a great place to start, so beginning a new resolution on 1/1 makes sense to me. I can easily keep track of how many times I’ve practiced my resolution for the first 31 days of the year. If I practice 31 times, I’m well on my way to an established new routine in my life.

    Least…that’s MY theory! 😉

  80. anita hamilton says:

    I will turn 50 late this year. Before reaching that momentus occasion I would like a new body, new mind, new life and an enriched spirit. This is will be hard to attain but this will be MY year. All my life has been focused on all the people I love. Now it’s my turn!!

  81. Hayleigh says:

    To get a 4.0 this semester and also to continue bettering myself as a person.

  82. Susan says:

    Lose weight

  83. April says:

    My NYR is to cook more healthy dinners in my crockpot even during the semester when I’m busy with schoolwork.

  84. Sue S says:

    To be more active and lose some of this extra weight 🙂

  85. Debra P says:

    Love your post! my b-day is not Jan 1, but it makes more sense to make resolutions on your b-day I agree :). I want to laugh more, be silly more and spend more time with my friends and family.

  86. Brenda says:

    My New Year’s resolution would be to get my glucose levels under control & to spend more time with my family.

  87. Jenefer B says:

    I don’t make resolutions. If I want to change something, I don’t wait until the beginning of the year to decide to do it.

  88. Vicki Chrzanowski says:

    To read more books

  89. Steph says:

    To quit smoking.

  90. Alison G says:

    My goal is to get more organized around the house.

  91. Nicole says:

    To start working out again!

  92. Tara Pandey says:

    hit gym regularly

  93. Bethany M says:

    To lose the last few pounds to reach my goal and to build a stronger relationship with my Saviour.

  94. Roseanne Alonso says:

    To get fit.

  95. Diana N says:

    I don’t understand “New Year’s” resolutions. Don’t we make resolutions everyday to – be happier, healthier, more organized, ect? Instead of making it a new year resolution take a few weeks and decide what you really want and how you are going to achieve it. It worked better for me to make a resolution in June to join a gym – that was over a year ago and I am still going. I tried that as a new year resolution and failed many times.

  96. cindy quisenberry says:

    Spend more time with my hubby/less time on FB…..going to be rough!!!lol

  97. Ellen says:

    I want to clean up stuff and throw out what i don’t need.

  98. Christine VL says:

    I want to work harder on my studies and to actually get done with schoolwork ahead of time rather than wait the last minute.

  99. Cindy says:

    To lose all the weight from my last pregnancy and keep it off, to become organized, and try to get my anxiety under control

  100. Maggie Neilson says:

    To get organized.

  101. Tina says:

    Definitely to be more active and lose some major weight…well and amount of weight lost would be nice. 🙂

  102. Concetta Daharry says:

    My New Years Resolution is to better myself. I want to further my education, better my career, and change the way I think. I need to establish an increased amount of patience. I also need to change my views of everything, so I vow to be more positive this year. I also need to better my health so a weight goal has been determined and I am hoping to reach that goal by my anniversary (July 15th) this year, and not wait around months at a time, putting off my vows, I want to start NOW so that it will all have become a positive habit by the end of the year and keep it going for future years. It doesn’t have to end with 2012!

    I wish everyone a blessed New Year with more joy and happiness than you can put into words! God Bless!

  103. Sharada says:

    To make new friends!

  104. Marie H. says:

    To disown family members that have been nothing but rude and horrible to me.

  105. Kelly B says:

    To spend more time having fun with my family!

  106. Shelley Lee says:

    What else are you going to do in January… for a week or two?

  107. Rachel says:

    Be able to do a set of pull-ups.

  108. Elizabeth says:

    To lose some weight. Sadly, that was my NYR last year too! These things never seem to pan out when delicious food is around, haha. 🙂

  109. Rachel says:

    To be able to do a set of pull-ups.

  110. Nick S says:

    I would like to make small changes everyday to make a better tomorrow, this could be from making someone smile or helping a senior citizen. I would also like to lose some weight for personal health and confidence.

  111. jennifer cagle says:

    lose weight & be more healthy

  112. Deborah Kubala says:

    To try and relax more and not worry and stress about things I have no control over.

  113. Linda F says:

    My resolution is to get more organized!

  114. Morgan D says:

    My birthday REALLY is January 1st! Do I get a t-shirt lol???

  115. milli mckenzie says:

    To drink more coffee 🙂

  116. Kim Newcomb says:

    NYR is to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle! 6 days in and doing ok!

  117. Lisa Young says:

    This is day 6 of my “no sugar resolution” and it’s going great! I was a sugar fiend! Also, I like the idea about making new resolutions on your birthday. I might try that!

  118. Renee J. says:

    To be more organized and to get in better shape & set more goals!

  119. Janice says:

    be more active and if I’m ambitious enough, snack less/healthier

  120. patty sims says:

    Would love to make it through the year with no problems..

  121. Marsha Webb says:

    Stress Less!

  122. Becky Mapes Jahnke says:

    To be more organized and lead a healthier life!

  123. Breana W says:

    My news year’s resolution is to actually use my wii to work out and try to get in shape more. I have a dance workout game and wii fit and want to actually use them this year!

  124. Hadlee Goldberg says:

    To be more active and drop some weight

  125. Jan Kellner says:

    My new year resolution is to eat less food. When ever I see a lot of food on the table I gobble it all down. I want to do this to make my self healthier and more pretty.

  126. Hoang says:

    My New Year’s resolution is finish my college 🙂

  127. zainab s says:

    no more procrastination and living a healthier lifestyle

  128. Mary M says:

    I want to be a joyful person who encourages others.

  129. SassyScorp says:

    1- Get Financially responsible and actually build a savings
    2- Lose Weight
    3- Do one thing I have never done before
    4- Get more into my blogging/writing, maybe structure it so that it becomes a book or build it as a Savings site.

  130. Paula Proffitt says:

    Exercise More and get healthy

  131. erica granda says:

    To not get so stressed out over the little things in life =)

  132. I like the birthday resolution idea. I might have to try that!

  133. Theresa Rose-DeClementi says:

    New Years resolutions are a waste of time because most people have no intention of keeping them. Sorry but it’s true.

  134. maygan says:

    I never write mine down, but I try not to make them either!

  135. Mary Lathron says:

    My NYR is to save as much money as possible on textbooks!!!!!

  136. tamibates says:

    just to take more time to smell the roses and try to slow down and enjoy life

  137. joan carr says:

    get organized

  138. Jamie Stanley says:

    get fit.

  139. Jamie C. says:

    to be more active

  140. Sara Phillips says:

    I want to become more mellow …

  141. Felicia B says:

    To be fit and healthy!

  142. Sidney Cook says:

    To talk less and to listen more.

  143. Jay says:

    My NYR is to be more organized.

  144. rachel bullard says:

    To lose weight and be more active!

  145. Lisa G says:

    I want to keep healthy by walking and eating better

  146. Jennifer Peters says:

    My New Years Resolution is to Exercise More & try to be more Fit 🙂

  147. Christine says:

    I want to get healthier

  148. Margaret Porter says:

    To be more organized and get my finances in order.

  149. Frank Kerner says:

    To (actually) write more and progress with filmmaking!

  150. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I REALLY need to organize better!

  151. Dee says:

    to get more shuteye! 🙂

  152. Chris G says:

    I hope to eat healthier and incorporate breakfast into my diet!

  153. Krista Brewer says:

    To win one Bookrenter’s giveaway!