Andy’s Top 3 Animal YouTube Videos

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By BookRenter Andy


Watch as this penguin dances around to some festive Christmas music. The other penguins are probably thinking, why is this guy dancing around like an idiot? The dancing penguin is like, why aren’t these other idiots dancing around with me?


This is a wonderful story about an introverted Welsh man and his pet sheep Peter. Will Peter the sheep stay? Will the Peter the sheep go? Does the sheep love the Welsh man?  Can the word sheep be used as both a singular and plural noun? Watch and find out.


This dancing parrot has sweet moves that humans can’t even pull off. Watch and learn.
See you next week for more animal YouTubes.

2 Responses to Andy’s Top 3 Animal YouTube Videos

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  2. Shannon Shumaker says:

    I love animal videos… they never get old! Adorable!