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Final Tiki Trivia Winners

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Congratulations to our final Two Tiki Trivia winners!

Helen Carlisle Westmoreland is the winner of the Apple iPad!

Liza Vladyka is our Grand Prize of a years worth of textbooks ($1,000 value)!

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College Pets and Plants

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BookRenter Andy

Last night I was reading this article in the NY Times about record levels of stress and depression being found in College students. For a while, I got depressed myself. Fact is that (especially in the thick of winter), it can get lonely as a college student. You’re having a hard time getting up for your classes, you probably don’t have time to shower or do laundry because you’re late for class, people don’t want to sit next to you because you haven’t showered or done laundry – a seemingly endless downward spiral.

What’s the remedy? For me it was the addition on my cat Karl which helped brighten my outlook. I immediately understood why some people believe that pets help you live longer. (Note: your college may not allow you to have pets – that’s why we included the plants in the blog post. Something for everyone, that’s how we do it here at BookRenter).

Depending on your situation, having a college pet (or plant) around can be a great way to relax, de-stress, and find some easy old-fashioned companionship. Here are a few stories about college pets (and plants):

Story 1, Mike, friend: Mike wasn’t a lonely guy, but he lived in a single by himself. He felt like he needed more companionship, something low maintenance that would keep him company, but not necessarily demand much attention. The solution? FISH. Mike bought a fish tank and populated it with beautiful fish. One turned out to be a tadpole and grew into a frog. Mike, his fish, and his frog lived happily until graduation.

Story 2, Nate, friend: Nate and his roommate were regular wanderers of the night. One night while wandering they found a nice kitten and took it home with them. The kitten was soft and friendly, but also grew into a fierce protector of the dorm, affecting a huge dip in the local rodent population. A win, win for all parties save the rodents.

Story 3, Senior Girls: Some girls I knew senior year attempted to keep a dog in the dorms for a period of time. Although the dog was nice to pet, it chewed textbooks by day and terrorized the dorm inhabitants by night. They ended up trading their dog for a Chia pet that looked like a dog. Don’t get a dog, kids, get a dog-like plant.

To sum up, key points here in this blog post:

  1. Pets will help you de-stress and make you live to be 120.
  2. Fish are good college pets; don’t forget to keep the water filter on.
  3. Lost kittens double as an effective pest control tool.
  4. If you can’t have a pet, there are always plants.

If you haven’t had enough, here’s a funny post about college pets.

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Tiki Trivia BookRenter Water Bottle Winners

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Congratulations, to our 25 lucky winners of a BookRenter Water Bottle!

Alexandria Strachan
Amber Colemire
Ana Del Moral
Ang To
Arica White
Bob Loghry
Candy Wenzel Kratzer
Carol Solze
Carrie Rerri
Courtney Brooks
D.m. Wagner
Deborah Nagy
Dick Johnson
Farrah Ne
Justus Mora
Kai Nt
Karla Matusak
Kim Frazier
Laniya MsSophisticated
Lis Phernetton
Lisa DeLyon Lavallee
Sally Lindsey Rubert
Trisha Yagler
Valerie Cook
Will Brown

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Top 6 Tips for Preparing for Graduation

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By BookRenter Nicole

by Jason Bache

It’s your last semester of college, and graduation is right around the corner! But before you get a major case of Senioritis, here are a few things to keep in mind before the big day.

  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor to check up on your student record. You should have a chat with him/her to make sure that you’re even eligible to graduate. Some things you should bring up are: Did I meet all of the requirements to graduate? Do I still have outstanding credits? Did I transfer those study abroad credits to my current record? Did my transcripts from the other university transfer successfully?
  • Make sure there aren’t any discrepancies on your degree evaluation. If you notice something funky, make sure to investigate and correct it before it’s too late.
  • Keep in mind that walking and attending the Commencement exercises may be different. If you still have more units to complete, you could technically just be walking in the ceremony, not actually graduating…yet.
  • Double check that you don’t have any outstanding balances with your college/university that would prevent you from receiving your diploma or transcripts. You don’t want to have to go through the whole exciting process only to realize that your diploma can’t be sent to you until you pay off that year you dormed on campus.
  • APPLY FOR GRADUATION. (You’d be surprised at how many students don’t know that you actually have to apply to graduate.) The school’s registrar team basically audits your academic records to ensure that all of the institution’s obligations have been met. For some schools, there may be a separate application for each degree you’re applying for. Whether the application is online at your school’s website, or at the advisor’s office, or even in a folder on the 2nd shelf, in aisle 5 of the campus bookstore — make sure to apply for graduation.
  • Attend your school’s grad events! You can order personalized announcements, class rings, take professional pictures, order your cap and gown, and choose your diploma frame! It’s where you can get all of your fancy grad stuff!

These are just some ideas you may want to keep in mind. But what you really want to do is check your own school’s checklist. Get all of your graduation info together! Besides, once you get this all squared away, you can go back to enjoying Senior year!

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Tiki Trivia BookRenter Bookmark Winners

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Congratulations, to our 100 lucky winners of a BookRenter Bookmark!

Abel Martinez
Alan Clendenning
Ale Delgadillo
Alexandria Strachan
Amanda Byczynski
Amy Turpin Christensen
Ashley Peters
Autumn Denson
Betty Cable
Brian Katsumata
Bridget Berigan
Brooke Hoke Parr
Cami Lee
Carolina Muguerza-Lopez
Cassie Anderson
Cassy Wood
Chintan Thakkar
Christi Spear
Christine V. Leeuwen
Crystal Spalding
Daniel Meek
Debbie Vargas
Debra Diriwachter
Deja Shafer
Diana Lugo
Dominique Pugh
Eileen Dunmire
Elaine Cope
Ella Youkhno
Ellen Engleman Spice
Emily Peterson
Erin Hannan
Erin Lovett
Erin McClain
Fauna Romo
Gdog Goblin
Georgia Cox
Gunawan Widjaja
Heidi Bott
Jacqueline Hettenhouser Dean
Jen Dor
Jennie Chau
Jennifer Curran Hokanson
Jennifer Zacharias
Jessica Sims
Julie Trejo
Kathleen Hickman
Kelly Ann
Kenneth Hood
Kim O’Neill
Kitt L. Jones
Kris Gill
Kristina Tina G
Krystal Wethington
Kurt Bruggemeyer
Lauren SwagBucks
Lawrence Mercer
Lonnie Leonard
Loretta Minogue
Maria Sais
Marla Singer
Mary A Lee
Mary Heitman Allmayer
Meena Rao
Melissa Harris
Michael Tschann
Mary Wegierski
Michelle Moore
Nadia Gutierrez
Nancy Foulke
Nisha Somasekharan
P Elaine Livingston
Pam Clark
Quinn Jaquins
Robin Justice
Ryan Hirsch
Sammie Jo Culp
Sara Flores
Sarah Hall
Sarah Murphy
Serena Bouzemann
Shalini Shah
Sharon Adkins Obrien
Sharon Lietaert
Shelby Anne Brigham
Shelly Morse
Stacey Collins
Stefanie Schmidt
Stephanie LaMance
Stephanie Stanley
Susan Williams
Thilak Karuna
Tom Bennett
Tracy Goforth Creek
Trish Blake
Trisha Yagler
Va Du
Vô Danh
William Gilbert
Windy Lacoy
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