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Today in the BookRenter office we decided to do some fun taste testing. On the menu was potato chips and corn chips with some classic party favorite dips – Ranch, Onion, and Bean dip.

Ranch was by far the favorite in the office, Onion came in second, leaving Bean dip in third place. (I will say although they were not the winners both the bean dip and onion dip bowls were completely empty. Leaving me to suspect that those who voted for them went back for seconds, maybe even thirds…but really who’s counting.)

As always we asked our Facebook fans to cast their vote on which dips they love best- here are some of the responces:

Karen- Hands down….Bleu Cheese!

Chrissy – I love buffalo chicken dip!! It’s awesome!

Erica -Ranch, Queso, Spinach and Artichoke, & Guacamole always are big hits with me

Karen – cajun crab!!!

Can you say “YUM?”

67 Responses to Dips, Chips, and …

  1. love any kind of dips and coffee pick me

  2. Laura Carrillo says:

    LOVE the bean dip and corn chips….mmmmmmmmmm!

  3. Paula Brown says:

    Love bean dip!!!!!

  4. Jennifer M says:

    Spinach and Artichoke!

  5. Christal says:

    Buffalo chicken dip is the best, would love to win!

  6. Amy Crump says:

    I love Spinach and Artichoke Dip it is my favorite 🙂

  7. Dave S says:

    Chipotle dipping sauce

  8. Paul Amash, Jr. says:

    Thats a cool idea, well taste testing is always cool! I thought about doing a taste testing with Coffee, its like wine so many flavors and brands.

  9. Sara Phillips says:

    French Onion is my favorite dip – or Spaghetti Dip!

  10. Ty says:

    Onion for me, please! Ranch would be my second choice. Yummy dip!

  11. Kelsey says:

    I like cheese dips

  12. Emily Walden says:

    Blue Cheese!

  13. jessica anger says:

    i love onion dip,but spinach and artichoke has to be my favorite!

  14. christine says:

    I would have to say onion dip with lays. YUMMY

  15. krystal robinson says:

    yummy! looks all so good

  16. Julia says:

    I love chilli ,caso cheese,and corn chips ! So I would vote for the bean dip !
    Happy New Year !

  17. Michelle C says:

    They all look great. One my my favorite is creamy spinach casserole its like spinach artichoke but without the artichoke.

  18. Laura D says:

    Love em all. But if you take Velveeta, Salsa, Cooked Ground Beef, and Olives and melt in the microwave to serve with Frito Scoopers- it’s amazing. So bad for you and so good!

  19. Naomi says:

    Your taste test results reflect my order of preference too! Ranch is quite a versatile dip. On the other hand, if BACON were a dip, it would win hands down. Just sayin’.

    On a seemingly unrelated note: I also LOVE coffee!!! (hint, hint) 😉

  20. maygan says:

    bean dip came in third? yikes! What kind of bean dip was it? I’m partial to a layered naco type dip myself (although ranch is a fav too)

  21. Brigette says:

    Salsa is my all-time favorite dip and I also like guacamole and hummus (Tribe’s 40 spices rocks!). Ranch is great with veggies though.

  22. Michelle says:

    I like onion dip, but ranch is always a good fallback. Bean dip is an occasional treat. I make a pretty good cucumber dip.

  23. Vivian H. says:

    They’re all yummy but Spinach & Artichoke, Onion, or Spicy Salsa (what, it’s a dip >.>) are my faves

  24. Michelle Dumaine says:

    Any kind of dip is a good dip : )

  25. heather e barrett says:

    i would have to go with spicy bean dip!!! yum yum the besT!!

  26. Ellen B says:

    Oh you know that french onion dip is the BEST!

  27. wendi manning says:

    I love ranch dip and spinach and artichoke!! Yum-O

  28. Anna says:

    I love all kinds of dips…but my husband’s home made salsa is my absolute favorite….it’s amazing!!!!

  29. Natasha says:

    Onion dip is my favorite…and it is so easy to make… or you can just buy Helluva Good

  30. Arena Thompson says:

    Artichoke is definitely the best, followed by Spinach and whatever is in the Crack dip recipe (not Crack, lol)

  31. Nadezda says:

    I <3 them all! But now I think I have to make a trip to the store just so i can fill my craving you have going!

  32. Megan Q says:

    onion dip! yummm

  33. Vicki Chrzanowski says:

    Frito’s and onion dip or Chips and onion dip

    Vegetables and ranch dip

  34. Janene Scarborough says:

    Ranch! 😉

  35. malia largey says:

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Guacamole!! YUMM! I might go head out now & buy some and some tortilla chips!

  36. Delena McGuire says:

    I agree with Chrissy on this. Buffalo Chicken dip is amazing!!

  37. Angie Turner says:

    Spinach and artichoke…it makes me feel like I’m making a healthy choice! LOL!

  38. Michelle G. says:

    I’m totally partial to the onion dip.

  39. Clam dip, but no companies make a commercial version anymore in the US & I haven’t located a decent recipe.

  40. Amanda Byczynski says:

    I love salsa con queso, but of the choices I like the onion dip best!

  41. Kara P says:

    Ranch is always the best!

  42. Krista Boutilier says:

    Nacho Cheese

  43. Nancy Fender says:

    Gotta love onion dip with Ruffles potato chips!

  44. zainab says:

    Blue Cheese and bean are the best!!

  45. Celin says:

    Bean dip yum

  46. Marsha Webb says:

    Ranch dip is my favorite!

  47. Diana says:


  48. jacqueline v says:

    guacamole!!! i had a craving today, so I had to go out and eat Mexican. MMMMM

  49. Amanda says:

    French onion dip. But it’s gotta be made out of Lipton onion soup mix and sour cream. Ruffles for the chips. mmmmmmm!

  50. scott carroll says:

    Buffalo Chicken Dip!

  51. Jill carroll says:

    french onion is a winner!

  52. Daniel Wilson says:

    Nice! I like Bean dip myself.

  53. amy says:

    I’m an onion girl.

  54. Kimmy says:

    Salsa con queso. I could eat it ALL THE TIME.

  55. What about “Salsa con Queso”???

  56. NICOLE says:

    Salsa come on down……mmm

  57. Lorri Smith says:

    Definitely onion dip (followed by a tic tac of course) !!

  58. Jennifer P says:

    French Onion Dip!!

  59. Cheryl Lynne says:

    I like French onion dip.

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  61. Renee J. says:

    Good old ranch dip would be my 1st choice!

  62. Brett Joel Griffith says:

    Onion dip is my fave!!

  63. rebecca ford says:

    My favorite dip is bodacious onion made by heluva good dip YUM! its my favorite! i hope i win, and good luck to everyone!

  64. tracy says:

    i like red salsa for dipping chips. i guess ranch could be good too. (omg for wings)

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  66. Dawn says:

    My all time favorite picks of dips are: Ranch, French Onion, Hot Spinach Red Pepper Dip, Spicy Bean Salsa or a Seven Layer Dip.

  67. EV says:

    Spinach Artichoke and cheese dip is my favorite!