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Happy New Year!

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Dips, Chips, and …

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Today in the BookRenter office we decided to do some fun taste testing. On the menu was potato chips and corn chips with some classic party favorite dips – Ranch, Onion, and Bean dip.

Ranch was by far the favorite in the office, Onion came in second, leaving Bean dip in third place. (I will say although they were not the winners both the bean dip and onion dip bowls were completely empty. Leaving me to suspect that those who voted for them went back for seconds, maybe even thirds…but really who’s counting.)

As always we asked our Facebook fans to cast their vote on which dips they love best- here are some of the responces:

Karen- Hands down….Bleu Cheese!

Chrissy – I love buffalo chicken dip!! It’s awesome!

Erica -Ranch, Queso, Spinach and Artichoke, & Guacamole always are big hits with me

Karen – cajun crab!!!

Can you say “YUM?”

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Our Weekly Coffee Winner is…..

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Congratulations, Marisol V. you are this week’s $10 coffee gift card winner!

“This year, my resolution is to read more and maintain an active lifestyle :)

Comment on our blog from now and until the end of November and be entered in to win one of our weekly coffee giveaways. Each winner will receive a $10 gift card, to one of the following: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or TBD.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced each Wednesday.

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Mike’s New Year’s Resolutions

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by joka2000

For a lot of people, the new year represents a fresh start and clean slate to start the new year off right. As a college student, the new year is the sign of a fresh semester and the opportunity to take new classes and earn better grades. Sadly though for me, this new semester will also be my last semester, as I will be graduating from the University of Virginia in May. Although I certainly have no regrets (yet!), here are my top new year’s resolutions for making my last semester, my best semester.

1. Attend a UVa basketball game and sit in the student section

Although I’m embarrassed to admit, especially because I’m such an avid sports fan, I have never gone to a home UVa basketball game (unbelievable, right?). There’s certainly something special about college athletics compared to the pro game, and I crave that last opportunity to root for my alma mater. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than chanting “Hoo’s your daddy?” at the opposing players and coaches!

2. Cure myself of 4th Year apathy

Everybody knows that seniors, whether it be in high school or college, have a tendency to care less about school and more about having fun. While its certainly fun to be a 2nd semester senior, finishing out school on a high note will be a good boost when god forbid I enter the real world next fall. On the bright side, I’m taking all electives next semester which should certainly make this resolution easier to accomplish.

3. Streak the Lawn

Hey! It might be an archaic, nonsensical UVa tradition but it is a rite of passage for all 4-th years nonetheless. The route from the famed rotunda down toward the statue of Thomas Jefferson might be cold, and snowy but the reward is so worthwhile. What better time to engage in this distinctly UVa tradition then when I’ll be walking down this same route maybe a couple weeks later to finally graduate!

So there you have it, my three goals or resolutions for the upcoming spring semester. A perfect mix of pleasure and hard work should make these goals attainable, but hey, isn’t the best part about making new year’s resolutions is not completing them?

Tell us what your New Year’s resolution is in the comments below to be entered into today’s coffee giveaway!

Comment on our blog  and be entered in to win one of our weekly coffee giveaways. Each winner will receive a $10 gift card, to one of the following: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or TBD.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced each Wednesday.

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Mike’s Top 3 Favorite Parts About Being Home

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As a student, coming home after a long, difficult semester is probably one of the most rewarding things in life. I live in a fraternity house at the University of Virginia, and let’s just say that the heating provided in the house isn’t exactly modern.  However, I look back on the last 3.5 months and realize how lucky and fortunate I am to attend college and grow not only as a student but as a person. Coming home is a great relief, as I am finally free of the stresses of hard classes and tests that seem to be every couple of days. That being said, here are my top 3 favorite parts about being home after a long semester in school:

1) I can finally fall asleep without hoping my hall mates will turn off their music.

I could tell you how great it is to fall asleep in pure silence, but I’m sure you know how awesome it is too! No more headphones playing music loud enough to drown out exterior noise yet soft enough to enable sleep (tough line to walk), and no more waking up to the sound of a stereo blasting terrible music. Above all, it’s great to finally sleep in my own bed again!

2) My mother cooks much better than any cafeteria or house cook can provide.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat anything as long as I know it hasn’t been sitting out for hours (or days!), but there is something about home cooked food. Plus, it’s always nice to eat off something other than paper plates for a change! Another bonus is my mom will occasionally ask what I would like for dinner, uhh that never happens at school!

3) I know I won’t have to step into a library for at least 30 days!

I don’t mind going to class or studying for a test in the comfort of my room, but the library is probably my least favorite place to study in the world. Sure it’s quiet but usually it’s also packed with people, and the air is always tense with concentration and competition. Every time I walk into the library at UVa everybody seems to pick their head up and acknowledge that a new competitor has entered the study arena. Not exactly my favorite place to relax!

After hitting the grindstone for what seems like a year, the time off helps me slow down and appreciate everything around me. What are your favorite parts about finishing the semester or returning home after a long time in school?

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