Votes Are In – 7-Eleven or McDonald’s Coffee?

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Written by BookRenter Briana

Our office indulged in more taste tasting today- testing McDonald’s and 7-Eleven coffee. These roasts might not be the cream of the crop but their price and convenience make them rather appealing to many people.

It was a close one on our Facebook fan page, but 7-Eleven was the eventual winner by one vote. 

Facebook Winner

Facebook Winner

What did our office think?

BookRenter Office Winner

BookRenter Office Winner

McDonald’s had an overwhelming lead over 7-Eleven, with one lonely person who voted for convenience store coffee. Our office seems to disagree with our Facebook fans in the battle between McDonald’s and 7-Eleven.

*Whoops, we did not do a  blind taste test in the office this time. It is possible some people were influence by branding rather than taste. Or maybe they were thinking of delicious Big Macs and french fries while choosing their favorite coffee.

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49 Responses to Votes Are In – 7-Eleven or McDonald’s Coffee?

  1. Shelley Johnson says:

    I like McDonalds coffee waaaaaaaaay better. 7-11 tastes weird.

  2. Jessica Marinaccio says:

    Love 7 11 Coffee – when its fresh early in the am

  3. Carol S. says:

    I think people may have been influenced by the packaging. I wonder how a blind taste test would have come out? Personally, I prefer the 7/11, it depends on the 7/11 though! Thank you for a fun blog post!

  4. jessica anger says:

    7-11 yes!

  5. Jenefer B says:

    I do not care for McDonald’s coffee at all. 7-11 is good, I wish one was closer to me

  6. Erin says:

    i think McDonalds coffee is better! 🙂

  7. Erica Gilbert says:

    I prefer McDonalds’ ice coffee over 7-11’s DEFINITELY but I’ll have to go with 7-11’s hot coffee just because of their creamer choices (hazelnut, white chocolate, amaretto, etc.).

  8. Tina M says:

    I like McDonald’s coffee!!

  9. Kailee Adams says:

    I would prob prefer McDonalds because I feel like at any given time of the day it would be fresh, as opposed to sitting in glass coffee pots over a hot plate like at 7-11.

  10. Marcie says:

    McDonald’s for me!

  11. Jennifer Smith says:

    I live in the sticks so we don’t have a 7-eleven (or a starbucks :*( sniff sniff) I drink Mickey D’s coffee… I am very partial to their mocha cafe and must say it’s just about as good as a mocha frap. I either that or a hazelnut iced at least once a week LOL.

  12. Dana Noga says:

    I don’t really like either 7-11 or McDonald’s coffee – it’s not strong enough for me. But I guess if someone “forced” the issue and made me choose….I would have to pick McDonald’s.
    But if I had MY choice….it’s Starbucks all the way (even have extra shots of espresso in my specialty coffees) LOL

  13. Elizabeth says:

    7-11’s is better than McDonalds, but McDonalds is coming out with some new things.

  14. Jamie V. says:

    Hate Mc Donald’s coffee it is the worst so I will go with 7-11

  15. Valerie C. says:

    My vote goes to 7-11 too 🙂

  16. Laura D says:

    I’ve always enjoyed McDonalds coffee. It used to be Churchills coffee I think. And those mocha frappes are yummy.

  17. Angie Turner says:

    Definitely McDonalds!

  18. louise brown says:

    McDonald”s thanks

  19. Mayra Gomez says:

    I had always like McDonalds coffee, that is until I discovered a 7-11 near me. I absolutely love 7-11 coffee!!! They have all these different flavors and they even have collectible cups!!

  20. Janene Scarborough says:

    I say Mcdonalds

  21. Kate says:

    I think people are turned off by the idea of MacDonald’s more than anything else because their coffee is far superior. It’s a Newman’s Own blend of Green Mountain! 7-11 is sludge by comparison.

  22. Randi Slavey says:

    McDonalds coffee is so so so so yummy mmmmmmm

  23. vickie says:

    Love McDonalds!!!

  24. Cheryl Raymond says:

    I like 7-11 coffee. I find McDonalds to be very bitter. Maybe I’m not flavoring it correctly, but 7-11 has a ton of options for flavor! 🙂

  25. Arena says:

    Mcd’s definitely, i actually kinda like it (and im a coffee snob, lol)

  26. I like McDonald’s better, but then again I have one of those everywhere I go! Haha!

  27. I’m not a big fan of coffee anyways, but I would have to say McDonald’s, because I am not the convenience store type.

  28. Susan Vaughn says:

    7-11 for sure!

  29. Jane Sandona says:

    Mc Doanlds does a great job with fresh Barista drinks! I love their brews. i have never been into a 7/11

  30. Amy Brown says:

    I will take 7-11 please … at lest you can customize!!

  31. sindy says:

    Likes McDonald’s better!

  32. Alicia Lyon says:

    Mcdonalds is best!!

  33. diane ferreira says:

    Mcdonald’s is my vote by default, only because I havent actually tried 7-11 coffee, nor did I know it existed until I came across this on the Book Renter facebook page.

  34. Gina Alfaro says:

    Definitely McDonalds! It has such a yummy distinct flavor! The caramel latte is my all time fav!

  35. sarah fitch says:

    McDonalds, so yummy!

  36. Nellie FOrd says:

    I love 7-11 better, especially since they have thos flavors you can add to the coffee, yumm now i want a cup

  37. Jen says:

    McD’s coffee is the winner!! The only way I like 7-11 is if it is VERY freshly brewed!

  38. Pam Livingston says:

    i like mcdonald coffee

  39. Sheree Clement says:


  40. Jeannine M says:

    Mcdonalds Frappe

  41. Kathy says:

    7-11 definitely

  42. Lindsey says:


  43. Debby Kulchar says:

    McDonalds all the way plus sometimes they give it away for free!

  44. elizabeth b says:

    Mc donalds doesnt even hav good food so of course they dont have good coffee

  45. Dana Wales says:

    McDonalds I like the tase

  46. Oanh says:

    They have terrible coffee to me.

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  48. sherry h says:

    We dont have 7 eleven, so McDonalds!!

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