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By BookRenter Rebecca

If you are anything like me, you have had this scenario happen at least a dozen times. You sit in class nodding your head thinking to yourself, “Yup, I totally get it. Easy peasy–I can totally write that essay, do that problem, analyze those results, and tell you exactly who did that painting.”  Only to get back to the dorm all ready to start your assignment and your mind goes blank. It all made so much sense when your prof. was explaining it.  ARGH!

Now what?  Right, ok.  Assignment due and you really need homework help from someone that actually gets it. Take a deep breath and check out BrainMass.  You won’t believe it they actually have online step-by-step solutions to academic questions.  Basically, BrainMass is the place you can turn to get “unstuck” on any question you are working on. They have tons of solutions in over 40 fields of study along with online tutors.

We keep studying moving; provide deep insights on every question, and our users get better grades.

It’s affordable (no monthly fees) and our experts are carefully vetted, are all graduate-level and are, we feel, by far the best on the web.

Just for our fans BrainMass has offered free library credits (good for a download of any solution from BrainMass’s database of more than 175,000 solutions) – all you have to do is comment below. Tell us about how you study and get free library credits from BrainMass.

4 Responses to Study Help, When You Need It Most

  1. jessica says:

    I have several ways of studying. I take notes in class and write my assignments down. Then when I study I read through the informlation and go through it till I’m sure I know it. If I’m doing homework and can’t understand the question or problem I read through the book and info until I get the answer.

  2. Cody Mangalsingh says:

    You know, after reading this, I have to say that I am always caught up in a scenario like this! Especially in Operations Management! Everything seems so simple when the professor is lecturing and showing how everything flows together on the charts, but sometimes (unfortunately) I end up nodding away into a daydream, or a dream land (aka falling asleep). By the time I wake up, class is being dismissed, and we are being assigned a 15 question homework assignment. I think the next time I doze off in class, a source such as BrainMass will be one of my first stops to keep me from stressing the homework away into the wee hours of the night! Thanks for sure!

  3. Oanh says:

    I read the chapter from the lecture first than review the notes I took in class. If there are chemistry equations then I just practice writing until I memorize or understand it.

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