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By BookRenter Andy

We recently polled the Facebook peeps to help us out with a question: what do the kids do these days for writing papers? Do people still write outlines? Just get right to it? Here are some of the responses:

I just put all the information i want to speak about on it, any ideas, any phrases or topics, quotes. then i reorganize and edit once i have my material. editing takes me longer than putting the info. i never write start to finish, i’m OCD so it would take me forever. – Hadissah

Hadissah has a good strategy here. The editing process is often the most difficult. Listen to Hadissah!

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– Crystal

I included this quotation because I was entertained by the level of desperation in Crystal’s post. “plz vote plz plz plz plz”. HA! What could be so pressing? So I clicked the link, and it took me to a page of an Orlando Magic fan that was trying to win a photo competition for some free tickets or something. Did BookRenter Andy press “Like”? NO! We don’t support spam here at BR. ‘Nuff said. Thanks for the post though, Crystal.

No just get right to it. if you have writer’s block, try writing your name and class info first. – Thuan

Thuan, you da man. If you can beat writer’s block by “writing your name and class info”, I know the career for you – writing!

Hard At Work

Ok, now that we’ve gone over the responses, here are some writing tips from us, as well as some links from around the web:

1.      Write a draft! Writing is a process. The more drafts you put in the better it’ll be.

2.      Make sure you have a thesis (your argument). Develop your argument. Your paragraphs/sections of your paper will be facets of that argument.   Here is a link for thesis help:

3.      Have someone else proofread your paper. It needs another set of eyes. If you don’t have anyone else, read it aloud when you’re done to see if anything sounds funky.

4.      Format your paper! Professors or teachers will fall victim to good formatting (nice looking headers/footers, a good font, intutitive organization).  Here’s some MLA formatting guidelines. Don’t be afraid to add your own style, as long as it’s within reason! Link:

5.      Learn from the masters. Ask for help! Your professors should be happy to help. Here are some tips from famous writers. Link:

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  2. Bryan says:

    Great topic! Love your intro. This will be a big help to me since we will be having our thesis soon. How bout making a teacher proofread your work? O.o

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