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Helping Locals in Need

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Written by Rebecca W, staff contributing writer

Every morning I wake up listening to the local news- and honestly I barely pay attention to anything other than the traffic report.  Today was different. As some of you may know last night a gas main exploded in San Bruno, Ca.

Four deaths, dozens were injured by this explosion and resulting fire. 38 houses have been destroyed; far more are damaged, along with acres of land and these numbers are only going to go up.  As the words were spoken on the radio all I could think was “How can I help?”  The radio announcer explained that they were looking for gently used children’s clothing along with other items.  We had just cleaned out our children’s closets washed and folded the cloths for donation; a huge bag of clothing was just sitting in our garage.   My husband and I packed up the car with boxes of new children’s books, big bag of gently used cloths and drove up to San Bruno.

The explosion was only a city over from our office here at BookRenter.  Sitting in my cozy chair staring at my screen my mind kept wandering to the families that are now homeless and in need.  So we decided as a company we needed to help.  BookRenter will be donating $1,000 to the City of San Bruno Glenview Fire Victims Fund, along with $100 worth of diapers and formula.

If you too would like to donate;

Donations can be sent to the City of San Bruno Glenview Fire Victims Fund;

City of San Bruno
Glenview Fire Victims Fund
attn: City Manager
567 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

People wishing to donate items in person are asked to take them to the First Tongan United Methodist Church, located at 560 El Camino Real in San Bruno.

Blood Centers of the Pacific has launched an emergency appeal for Type-O negative blood. People who want to donate are asked to call 888-393-GIVE or visit

The Bay Area Red Cross is also asking for blood donations as well as donations of money.  For more information visits

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Join TikiTribe. Get an Awesome BookRenter Bottle Popper!

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Hey all:

Tikiman here.  I just wanted to post about a great opportunity to get a cool BookRenter bottle popper plus a way to earn some extra cash now that school is in session.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Join TikiTribe. Get an Awesome BookRenter Bottle Popper!

Sign Up and Send 10 Referrals by 9/17

Plus Earn $5 Every Time Your Friends Rent

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to and sign up
  2. Tell your friends and classmates about BookRenter
  3. They save an extra 5% on their textbook rentals
  4. You get a $5 reward when one of your referrals rent
  5. Plus you get a shiny cool BookRenter Bottle Popper after you refer 10 people

What is TikiTribe?

TikiTribe members are people just like you who have jumped on the chance to fatten their wallets. After all, funds are hard to come by in college, and textbooks are crazy expensive.  So why not go for the double-whammy – join TikiTribe and earn some cash for yourself while also earning yourself a very cool bottle popper.  Plus help your fellow students save a buck, too.  What’s not to love?

So what are you waiting for?  The bottle popper promotion ends September 17th!!

Promotion details:

The bottle popper promotion is limited to new TikiTribe members who join on September 10th – September 17th.  A bottle popper will be awarded after a new member sends 10 referral messages using the platform.  Members who qualify for the bottle popper will need to provide a mailing address in response to an email that is sent from BookRenter acknowledging that their referrals qualify.  Please allow 4 weeks to receive your bottle popper. TikiTribe referral orders are those less refunds and/or cancellations.  We may withhold for investigation, or refuse to process or reward any order or account we deem fraudulent or we believe will impose liability on us.  Limit 1 bottle popper per unique TikiTribe member.

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A Law for the Students (and their Books)

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If you’re reading this post then you probably know it already – the textbook industry is rapidly changing, and the scales are tipping to the student’s advantage. Recently a new law regarding the way publishers and schools disclose textbook information took effect. It concerns you, so read on. The new Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) has a textbook provision that as of July 1, 2010, is trying to “ensure that students have access to affordable course materials by decreasing costs to students”. {Higher Education Opportunity Act. Sec 133 (a). } Not enough students know about it – that’s partly because all the media fervor was captured by some of the bigger provisions in the HEOA when it was signed in 2008. But now that a new school year brings new course information and new textbooks (and new editions, unfortunately), the HEOA, along with other textbook laws, are getting some coverage. Again – not enough.

The law is only a few pages (read it here if you like), but to save you some time, here’s a quick summary: the most impactful provisions require publishers to tell schools the price at which they’re selling to the University store, as well as the revisions they’ve made. In turn, the school must inform the students on their course schedule which textbooks are most recommended, what forms and prices they’re available in, and what the best ways to get these books are (i.e. rentals, digital formats, used book sites).

Students should start to see their schools providing them with that information through the appropriate channel – most likely an online course catalog. In some cases, we’re starting to see that. The Yale Daily News recently ran an article mentioning Yale’s compliance with the law (your school should do the same if it hasn’t yet). In the end, it’s up to you to demand the information that you’re entitled to by the HEOA. Go out and do it!

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Tiki’s Tips: How to become the #1 TikiTriber!

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Hey TikiTribe members! I wanted to share with you guys some tips and tricks to being the number 1 TikiTribe member in the nation!

Tip 1: Tell all of your friends from different schools about renting textbooks from BookRenter

While you may be completely in charge about how well you spread the word about BookRenter at your school, it’s up to your friends to do the same at other schools. Let them know more about how TikiTribe works and enlist them to be a part of your tribe. With the help of your friends, you could be actively recruiting TikiTribe members all across the country without even realizing it!

Tip 2: Integrate BookRenter gear into your backpack and school supplies

It certainly doesn’t hurt to plaster the back of your lap top with a big BookRenter sticker to let everyone know how much money you saved on textbooks this semester! By letting people associate you with BookRenter, they’ll remember to think about you when renting textbooks next semester. Plus, your BookRenter sticker will tell even more people about renting textbooks and that can only make the news about renting textbooks travel even faster across campus.

Tip 3: Create postcards or flyers that can easily be distributed to students around campus

Hey, people won’t know about TikiTribe if you don’t tell them right? You can go to your college library and print out flyers using your school’s printer or scanner to make really flashy advertisements. Then once you have your flyers ready go find a spot on campus with a heavy flow of traffic so you can maximize how many people will see your postcard.  I think you would be pleasantly surprised with how many people respond positively to the idea of saving over $500 on textbooks next semester.

*Check out the TikiTribe Facebook Group for downloadable flyers and more.

Tip 4: Constantly tell people about TikiTribe by using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook

As much as we all love Facebook it is actually good for something besides finding out which of your friends is having their birthday party this weekend. Updating your status with info about TikiTribe will enable your posts to show up in other people’s newsfeeds. TikiTribe is a word of mouth business and you need to make sure that everyone has TikiTribe on the tip of their tongue.

*You can share your unique url directly from your TikiTribe Dashboard!

These are some of the strategies I followed when I was recruiting members this year but I’m curious as to how you guys found success. What were some of your favorite tips that helped you succeed in spreading the word about BookRenter? I’ll share with everybody next week my favorite response to the ultimate TikiTribe tip!

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Browsing the BookShelf

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Every week Tikiman will be browsing the world’s bookshelf to find you interesting articles and entertaining stories to help you get through the school day. Have a suggestion for an article or story? Send an email to and he’ll be happy to place your article on the Bookshelf.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. It’s probably one of the hardest things to do in college (expect for getting a 4.0!); no matter how much you value your beauty sleep. Luckily,Laura Schluckebier has written a great article providing tips and tricks to fall asleep easier in your dorm room. The trick I use to fall asleep in school is to make a soothing playlist on my iPod that also blocks out exterior noise.  How do you fall asleep in your dorm, Greek house, or apartment?

I don’t think I have ever attended a single class in college and not seen someone using their laptop to surf the web during class, so I know how connected students are to their computer. However next time you go to class, try and use one of Jamie’s top 5 websites for college students. I’ll give you a hint, facebook isn’t on this list but Unigo makes an appearance and it has really helped me prepare for class. What are your favorite websites that help make college easier and more affordable?

Managing your personal budget in college isn’t easy, especially if you have never been in charge of your own finances before. However with a little practice and some advice it’s not as hard as it seems to stop getting low balance emails from your bank or worse; your parents! A good place to start would be Coupon Sherpa’s article on that outlines 11 outstanding tips to help you better manage your finances. I use (it’s outstanding and easy to use!) to monitor my finances, what do you guys use?


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