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Every week Tikiman will be browsing the world’s bookshelf to find you interesting articles and entertaining stories to help you get through the school day. Have a suggestion for an article or story? Send an email to and he’ll be happy to place your article on the Bookshelf.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. It’s probably one of the hardest things to do in college (expect for getting a 4.0!); no matter how much you value your beauty sleep. Luckily,Laura Schluckebier has written a great article providing tips and tricks to fall asleep easier in your dorm room. The trick I use to fall asleep in school is to make a soothing playlist on my iPod that also blocks out exterior noise.  How do you fall asleep in your dorm, Greek house, or apartment?

I don’t think I have ever attended a single class in college and not seen someone using their laptop to surf the web during class, so I know how connected students are to their computer. However next time you go to class, try and use one of Jamie’s top 5 websites for college students. I’ll give you a hint, facebook isn’t on this list but Unigo makes an appearance and it has really helped me prepare for class. What are your favorite websites that help make college easier and more affordable?

Managing your personal budget in college isn’t easy, especially if you have never been in charge of your own finances before. However with a little practice and some advice it’s not as hard as it seems to stop getting low balance emails from your bank or worse; your parents! A good place to start would be Coupon Sherpa’s article on that outlines 11 outstanding tips to help you better manage your finances. I use (it’s outstanding and easy to use!) to monitor my finances, what do you guys use?


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