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BookRenter Family Picnic

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This past Saturday the BookRenter staff got together for a fun family picnic.

Despite the 90 degree weather there was fun, food, and tons of jumping.

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Tikiman Chats with 1st Time BookRenter Customer

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This week Tikiman had the opportunity to interview Harry Bowron, a student at the University of Virginia who rented his textbooks from BookRenter the first time this semester. A third year engineering student, Harry was happy to sit down and discuss his experience renting his textbooks online from BookRenter.

Tikiman: Harry thanks for sitting down and talking with me. I’m interested to know why you decided to rent textbooks for this semester. Have you ever rented before?

Harry: I actually rented through the UVA bookstore once before and found the process not only incredibly convenient, but also very cost effective. I figured that since I had such a good experience renting textbooks before, I didn’t have a reason to hesitate to rent from BookRenter.

Tikiman: Is renting textbooks a popular choice at your school?

Harry: I certainly think that the idea of renting is growing as the word of mouth spreads. I even saw someone with a BookRenter sticker on their notebook the other day in class! It was cool to know that there are other people at UVA renting textbooks and saving money just like I did.

Tikiman: Good Point.  How was your experience renting your textbooks via the BookRenter website?

Harry: I was actually really surprised at how intuitive the website interface was and how quickly I was able to find the textbooks I needed.

Tikiman: So how much exactly did you end up saving? Was it about as much as you expected it would be?

Harry: Before hearing about BookRenter from a friend, I had visited the UVA bookstore’s website and noted that my textbooks would have cost around $600. However renting from BookRenter enabled me to save over $400, much-much more, than the $100 I expected to save, by renting.

Tikiman: That’s great! So, you were able to save 4X as much as you were expecting. Since you had such a great experience, how likely are you to tell others about how easy it is to save money by renting?

Harry: I know a good amount of friends and fellow students who everyday worry about paying their way through college. Renting textbooks is such an easy way to save money that I feel like everybody who wants to actively be saving money should rent as well.

Tikiman: It sounds like you would be a perfect member of TikiTribe, our referral program that helps you earn cash for every friend you refer to BookRenter. Sound interesting?

Harry: Wow that would definitely be something I would be interested in joining. Where can I join or find out more details?

Tikiman: Head over to to sign-up and get started building your tribe.

Harry: I’ll be sure to check that out, Thanks for letting me know!

Tikiman: No problem, thanks for chatting with me. Good luck this semester!

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Ohio State University- Alpha Gamma Delta Sisters Promoting BookRenter!

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Ohio State University- Alpha Gamma Delta sisters, are going to be out on campus for the next few days promoting BookRenter!

Check out the stylin’ shirts they’ll be sporting!

Modeled by BookRenter Staff.

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University of San Diego Acala Bazaar

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Guest written by BookRenter Andy

Last week, I flew to the University of San Diego’s campus on behalf of BookRenter. My assignment was easy enough: head down to the USD “Acala Bazaar”, hand out some bookmarks and bottle-opener key chains, talk to the students about textbook rental, and eat some tacos. The tacos part wasn’t quite in my assignment, but how do you go to San Diego and not eat tacos? Anyway, I left the house without applying sunscreen to my pale, sensitive skin, because I’d read the weather report and saw it would be cloudy until noon. Fail. It turns out -I can get sunburned even while sitting in the shade under a tent.

But back to the Bazaar. Although, I was representing BookRenter, I was really working on behalf of the USD bookstore. USD’s bookstore, like 250 other colleges in the United States, use BookRenter’s platform to power its online rental store. I was there to promote the University’s rental service. BookRenter has partnered with these schools in order to make rental more convenient for the students and schools alike.

Students like getting the bookstores because it’s easy (right guys?), and BR is making the process even easier. On the whole, the students were pretty jazzed about the option to rent, and my job did itself.

Student: “You can save money?”
Me: “Yes”, I said.
Student: “How much money?”
Me: “A- lot – like 75% off the full-retail price!”
Student: “Wow!”

Still, I had some stiff competition at the Bazaar. To my right, Will from Mochi was handing out free iPod touch cases. Will had a killer line, he would yell out every few minutes, which would reel in 5 or 10 freshmen searching for free stuff, “I have free iPod touch cases if you want them”. Heads turned, feet shuffled, and free iPod touch cases were handed out. Will was out of supplies in an hour. My bottle opener key-chains were also a big hit. By 2:30 pm I was wrapping up the table, having satisfied the key-chain needs of hundreds of students.

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Extended- Join TikiTribe. Get an Awesome BookRenter Bottle Popper!

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Hey all:

TikiMan here. Due to popular demand I am extending the Join TikiTribe Promotion!  I just wanted to post about a great opportunity to get a cool BookRenter bottle popper plus a way to earn some extra cash now that school is in session.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Join TikiTribe. Get an Awesome BookRenter Bottle Popper!

Sign Up and Send 10 Referrals by 9/17 9/30

Plus Earn $5 Every Time Your Friends Rent

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to and sign up
  2. Tell your friends and classmates about BookRenter
  3. They save an extra 5% on their textbook rentals
  4. You get a $5 reward when one of your referrals rent
  5. Plus you get a shiny cool BookRenter Bottle Popper after you refer 10 people

What is TikiTribe?

TikiTribe members are people just like you who have jumped on the chance to fatten their wallets. After all, funds are hard to come by in college, and textbooks are crazy expensive.  So why not go for the double-whammy – join TikiTribe and earn some cash for yourself while also earning yourself a very cool bottle popper.  Plus help your fellow students save a buck, too.  What’s not to love?

So what are you waiting for?  The bottle popper promotion ends September 17th September 30th!!!

Promotion details:

The bottle popper promotion is limited to new TikiTribe members who join on September 10thSeptember 17th September 30th .  A bottle popper will be awarded after a new member sends 10 referral messages using the platform.  Members who qualify for the bottle popper will need to provide a mailing address in response to an email that is sent from BookRenter acknowledging that their referrals qualify.  Please allow 4 weeks to receive your bottle popper. TikiTribe referral orders are those less refunds and/or cancellations.  We may withhold for investigation, or refuse to process or reward any order or account we deem fraudulent or we believe will impose liability on us.  Limit 1 bottle popper per unique TikiTribe member.

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