Hot off the Islands: BookRenter’s Instant Win Game

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I wanted to share with you guys a cool opportunity we are currently promoting on our Facebook page. If you go to the website and click on the Instant Win tab, you will be entered into a contest with a guaranteed chance of winning! The concept of an instant win game is simple – you play, you win. There aren’t a lot better odds than that.

So what can you win? Everybody who plays wins either a lanyard, mobile notebook, a cool can koozie, or a pair of neon sunglasses. In my opinion, items that are essential for when you head back to school in the coming days or weeks.

We are doing this game now because we want to remind you how dedicated BookRenter is to making college easier and more affordable. So as we head into the start of the school year, I want to say thank you for playing, and I look forward to blogging with you throughout the school year.

One Response to Hot off the Islands: BookRenter’s Instant Win Game

  1. java says:

    I can’t find the rules to the instant win game.