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Looking how to integrate technology into your study habits? Stefan Knapen writes about the top 15 iphone aps for students and how to save money on expensive school supplies. I think my favorite app is the mobile wikipedia, easily the quickest way to get a quick summary on something you are learning about.

Thinking about to skipping out on the regular college life and going abroad for a semester? Well then you are in luck as kegfly writes about the positive benefits of studying abroad. Not sure how to pay for it? Well he covers that too!

An interesting but revealing article about the potential for weight gain in college students. Dan Childs writes about how the the closer the student lives to a cafeteria, the larger the likelihood of gaining the dreaded freshman 15. Hmm, I wonder if the closer a student lives to the classroom, the better their grades get? Somehow I don’t this this same rule applies!

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