BookRenter Announces Survey Results

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Recently, BookRenter conducted a survey through Q&A Research in order to determine how college students feel about their finances. Not surprisingly, the survey found that only 9% of students receive a free ride in college and that most struggle to make ends meet. As college costs continue to rise, it is apparent that students today are really pinching their pennies in order to stay afloat.

When most people think about college their immediate thoughts turn to recollections about difficult tests or the most memorable parties they attended. However what is becoming increasingly clear is that most college students are struggling to enjoy the traditional college experience. As the survey points out, more than 75% of college students said that they didn’t feel properly prepared to handle their personal finances in college. Hence, not only do students struggle to earn money but they also have a difficult time handling their budget.

Luckily, there are a variety of resources available to students to become better prepared to handle the costs of college. The survey noted that 77% of students think that the rising cost of purchasing textbooks is the biggest scam in the “college economy”. Using websites such as BookRenter to rent your textbooks will allow you to save money and time while in college.


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