UPDATE: Announcing Our 5-Star Satisfaction Guarantee

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Last week we posted about the announcement of BookRenter’s new 5-Star Satisfaction Guarantee. I’m happy to say that the response has been very positive and students are glad to have the added security. I’ve included a news article demonstrating how innovative our new guarantee is and the impact it will have on college students.  Happy Renting!

BookRenter.com is proud to announce its brand new 5-Star Guarantee, ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their rental process. But instead of just telling you about our new guarantee, let me show you just how impactful it can become.

You  can return your books for any reason within 21 days – no questions asked.

I hate the feeling of purchasing a brand new textbook and thinking I may use it once, twice, or not even at all. If you end up dropping a class, or have that all too familiar gut feeling that your textbook is unnecessary, then you’re stuck with a worthless bill. Renting your textbook from BookRenter.com however gives you the option to send it back within the first 3 weeks – no questions asked. Nobody cares that you decided to drop 9AM Calculus, at least not Tikiman.

Every order is available for express shipping, and return shipping is always free.

The word “express” makes me think of a whooshing train, or a speeding bullet slicing through the night. I don’t know if your textbook rentals will arrive that quickly, but I know you will be satisfied that your textbooks will arrive with speed if you choose express shipping. Plus, you don’t have worry about splurging for quicker shipping because you know that return shipping will ALWAYS be free. Now that’s coming full circle.

You’ll be happy with the quality of your books ( or we’ll ship you another one on our dime).      

Whether you’re mixing that Thursday night drink or finishing up your final essay for an English midterm, you know in your mind that you want to make a quality product. Well we want to deliver a quality product too, and I know there’s nothing worse than receiving a book filled with highlighter and love notes. You don’t like the quality? Send it back because you got your guy Tikiman here, fighting to deliver the highest quality textbooks on the market.

You can extend your rental at any time – at the same cheap daily rental rate.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say I hate late fees. I figure if I already paid to rent out the textbook, why should I be forced to pay extraneous late fees? So stop looking at your calendar to see how many days are left in the term, it should be a summer or winter break countdown, not a ticking textbook time bomb.

If you decide to keep the book it  will never cost more than the purchase price.

I don’t know why you would want to keep your textbook, but if French philosophy is your Pièce de résistance then by all means keep it. But just know that we won’t charge you 200$ for a book that only costs 100$. C’mon, that’s just bad business.

There it is: the new member of the BookRenter Family, the 5-Star Guarantee. Treat it well, because it doesn’t hurt to the have most powerful guarantee in textbook rentals on your side!

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