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Tikiman will be writing a weekly series providing tips and tricks on starting the school year off right. Every week a new topic will be covered highlighting easy and simple ways to jump to the head of the class or the line at the bar. Have an idea for a topic? Send an e-mail to Michael.Howard@BookRenter.com and he’ll be sure to answer your questions.

How to Move In to your Dorm or Apartment

So you’ve done the trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Target, and you’ve successfully gathered all the stuff you think you’ll need in college. That’s great, but do you have any idea how you are going to move all of that gear into your new dorm or apartment? I didn’t think so. Thankfully, Tikiman is here to share with you some advice and tips on how to smoothly make your dorm room your new home.

Step 1: Bring Help!

Preferably someone strong and willing to haul furniture all day, even if it’s hot outside and the lemonade stand is charging outrageous prices.  But seriously, moving into college for the first time is a special moment, the literal end of an era and the start of a new adventure. Bringing help not only makes it easier to haul up that new TV you just bought, but it’s also someone to share your move-in day memories with.

Step 2: Use those Stairs!

This is a big trick, as long as it’s done correctly. Think about how much quicker you can carry your stuff up to your room when you don’t have to wait in the long elevator line. Of course if your new room is on the top floor of a ten story building, well then, I hope you brought some help! Try to use a lot of boxes or easy to carry packages, that way you won’t have to do a 360 to bring your new mega-toaster up a flight of narrow stairs.

Step 3: Eat breakfast/lunch before moving in

This is more about the negative side effects of not eating, because frankly there is nothing worse than moving in on an empty stomach. Boxes will seem twice as heavy, and you’ll swear that whoever is helping you isn’t picking up their share of the weight. So stop, eat a good meal, and then start game-planning where your new mahogany, I mean imitation wood, bookshelf should go.

Step 4: Learn the art of the meet and greet

It’s not uncommon to know only a few people when starting college and move-in day is a great opportunity to meet other people. Try to say Hi! to everybody you pass by, and always say your name at the end of any conversation. Most people are shy or nervous when first talking to a stranger, and usually they will forget your name during an introduction. Plus, maybe somebody you meet will you help bring up that new queen mattress that you just had to have.

Step 5: Trust the Experts!

Whether you brought your parents along or your RA is barking out recommendations, it would behoove you to listen to their advice. Although you might think it’s cool to loft your bed and put a seating area underneath, it’s not as fun as when your loft fails and that cool couch you just bought is crushed. Chances are your RA has already lived in your dorm, and he/she probably has a few tricks up their sleeve to maximize your set-up.

So there you go, a fool-proof guide to moving in to your spanking new dorm room. But remember, if you only follow one of these steps, then who cares! College is about experimentation and finding out what makes you tick, so if you want to carry up to flat screen TV one-handed, then by all means go for it! But just so you know, most residence buildings don’t offer freshman stupidity insurance.

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