Tikiman Tip – Picking the Perfect Class Schedule

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As August hurriedly rolls around the corner, that can only mean one thing for many people: it’s time to go back to school. For many that means more papers, quizzes, and tests but for others it’s a rallying cry to enjoy more fun parties and social events. So what can you do to make sure that you have the best possible class schedule?

Step 1 : Mix and match class difficulty

Whether you are an ambitious freshman or an ambivalent senior, your schedule of classes will have a great impact on the school year. While it may seem like a good idea at first to take 21 credits with multiple honors classes, chances are in the long run your GPA might make you gag. Instead take it easy, schedule a few tough classesbut also maybe take a couple of classes that sound fun and interesting. It will be easier to rationalize that F in Advanced Thermodynamics if you have an A in Beginners Botany.

Step 2 : Always attend the first day of class

This may seem irrelevant when you are sitting in class during the first day and all the Professor talks about is the syllabus and their attendance policy, but this information is extremely important! When it’s a month before finals and you are slammed with work in one of your classes, it’s great to know that you can skip a class or two in order to catch up on work. Plus, the first day of class will usually give you a good feel for how difficult the class will be and how much work you will need to put in.

Step 3: Try to take classes with friends or people you know

College is full of group projects and paired assignments, so it usually helps to work with compatible people you know and trust. Also if you miss a class or two, you will know right away who to contact in order to get notes or details about an upcoming assignment. Although most people might tell you to NOT take classes with friends for fear of potential distractions, in most case the positives far outweigh the benefits.

Step 4 : Research Professors and their Grading Tendencies
Research. Research. Research. This will especially help if you are attempting to take a class and you can’t decide which section you want. There are national websites such as ratemyprofessor.com that can offer a brief summary of your potential professor, and most often your school will have its own website. A bad professor can have just as much an impact on your grades as difficult material.

College is full of challenges, but these same challenges shouldn’t make you overworked or incredibly stressed. So Relax, take a load off, enjoy some time with Tikiman, and get ready for a great year!

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