Talkin’ with Tiki : Back to School Edition

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David S. from Los Angeles, CA

I’m leaving for school soon and I was curious about when I need to order my textbooks? Do you think I need to have my textbooks on the first day of class?

From my experience, it is not essential to have your textbooks the first day of class. Although in certain classes such as a foreign language, it will definitely be advantageous to bring your books on the first day. However, most professors will usually just go over the syllabus and won’t start teaching real material until the 2nd day of class. Since many students are constantly adding and dropping classes, most professors won’t feel pressure to begin their coursework right away. You should be fine if you order your textbooks within the first couple days of school.

Brenda W. from College Park, MD

What was your first day of college like? I’ll be starting my senior year at Maryland soon and I can still remember my first day of class and how nervous I felt!

Great question, I love thinking about the good ole days. I remember waking up at least an hour before class started, and going over the syllabus at least ten times to make sure I had everything ready to go. I only knew couple of people so I was definitely excited by a little bit dumbstruck about the idea of meeting a ton of people in my classes. Thankfully I’ve learned a bit perfecting my pre-class routine,  so I can  go to class now without having to wake up 90 minutes before it starts!

Kandice Q. from St. Petersburg, FL

What are some tips that help you stay organized in school? It always seems like I’m constantly looking for old papers/tests or struggling to find where I left my biology textbook.

Haha, I know that feeling well. Fortunately, I’ve upgraded my organizational skills and can provide you with some good tips. It’s a great idea to start some sort of filing system in order to keep old tests or notes. It doesn’t matter if that is a drawer in your desk or below the loose floorboard under your bed; just make sure to keep all your files in one place. If you can take your notes on your computer than that is a huge plus, otherwise try and use color coded notebooks in order to keep your notes organized. At the end of the day you need to find the right system that works for you and you alone, don’t try to copy other people’s organizational tactics. The key to being organized is to always know where YOUR stuff is; not leaving a trail of devastation for your roommate to pick up in the morning.

Patrick Q from Detroit, MI

I’m starting school online in the fall and I haven’t taken formal classes in some time. I was hoping that you had some tips on how to start school again without getting  overwhelmed!

Patrick, you shouldn’t worry too much about starting school again; thousands of people do it every year! It’s kind of like riding a bike, you might fall a couple of times in the beginning, but pretty soon you’re riding like the next Tour de France champion. If anything, feed off your nervous energy and use it to motivate you in the first couple weeks of class. Also since you are going to class online, you won’t have to worry about sitting next to the person who hasn’t showered since the last day of school.

Peter P. from Napa Valley, CA

I’m a little confused about how the 5-Star guarantee works, mainly the part about the 3-week no questions asked policy. Does this mean I can return my books for free?

As long as you’re inside that 21 day window, feel free to send your books back. I swap around classes constantly in the first couple of weeks, and I know the feeling of acquiring and return textbooks at the beginning of the year. You shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of your textbook when deciding to drop or add a class, that’s our business to worry about. Happy Renting!

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