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Every week Tikiman will be browsing the world’s bookshelf to find you interesting articles and entertaining stories to help you get through the school day. Have a suggestion for an article or story? Send an email to and he’ll be happy to place your article on the Bookshelf.

  • Lauren Joffe writes a great article providing tips and tricks on pre-college preparation plans. A must read for every student, no matter if you are a trembling first year or a 5th year senior.
  • Searching to find all the right stuff to bring to college? MD has you covered with a blog post on college dorm room essentials. A good article to read if you aren’t quite sure of what to bring with you when you return to school in the fall.
  • Ahh, the age old question; to have a car or not. It’s a definitely a dream of many college students but is it a luxury or a neccesity? Doug Schantz attempts to determine if a car spells freedom or a financial drain, providing some great insight into the dilemna. As for me? Well, I’ll see you at the finish line.
  • This was simply too good to not share with you. Wendy Rose Gould writes about a couple of students at Brigham Young University who decided to invent a motorized couch. I guess they figured it was easier than simply walking to class. Or maybe they answered that car question we were just talking about?

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