Summer School Positives

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School’s out for summer…or not. A recent poll of our Facebook fans showed that many students choose to take at least one class during summer. It’s not the most relaxing thing to do over break, but the benefits you reap are a good reason to keep those pencils sharpened.

Most schools offer multiple summer sessions, too, so if you’re not already registered for a class, it’s not too late.  Check out our quick and dirty list of why summer school is a good thing, it just might send you class shopping:

  1. If you’re able to take classes at a school other than your own, there’s a good chance your letter grade will be converted to a pass or fail grade once you transfer your credit.  Although this keeps you from boosting your GPA by attending an easier college, it also gives you the freedom to slack off a bit.  Just think of how much less stressful it is to focus on getting a C rather than going for an A!
  2. If your school allows you to transfer credits, you can take a summer class at a school that costs less money. Community colleges in particular are known for their low price per class unit.  Classes are so cheap that often times buying the textbook costs more than the class- another good reason for you to rent textbooks.
  3. Some classes are only offered in summer or are so popular during the regular school year that you can’t get in.  Taking a class like this, or one that’s notoriously difficult, during summer helps you manage your regular schedule better and keeps you sharp for when you start back in fall.  Summer courses are also known to have a higher professor-student ratio, so you’ll get more interaction with your teacher and classmates.

Last, but not least, is the fact that taking summer school will help you graduate faster, and who doesn’t want that? That’s when school will really be out for summer.

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