Strong Momentum Around BookRenter’s Donation to First Book

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A week and a half ago, BookRenter proudly announced the launch of its Gives Back program and partnership with First Book.  We’re happy to say that support for BookRenter Gives Back is growing strong.  We’ve donated over 1,300 books so far thanks to our customers’ textbook rental orders and BlogHer has received more than 120 comments about what books are most memorable and meaningful.

This progress is great and we’re elated that people welcome the idea of our program.

For the month of May, BookRenter is donating up to 1,000 books in BlogHer’s name for related comments and blog posts, so keep those stories coming!  Our plan is to get to 10,000 books for First Book’s little readers by the end of summer, so please help us in making a difference by visiting BlogHer to post your comment.

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  1. Dale Parker says:

    You guys are so awesome!!!!