Gift Ideas for Grads

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It’s that time of year again when family and friends are now graduating from college.  No matter how old the graduate may be, picking out a graduation gift is an important, but sometimes tricky task.

You want to get something that is congratulatory and fun, but not just another standard gift, so what are your options? To help you out, we’ve put together our top 5 gift picks that we think any graduate would like:

1. Cash

Let’s face it, cash is king. Your student can use it to pay off loans, buy clothes – heck, even throw their own graduation party. Ben Franklins provide the most flexible grad gift.

2. Laptop or iPad

After spending the last few years cranking away at papers and other assignments, who wouldn’t want a newer and faster machine?  For the more practical (they already have a summer job or internship and are entering the workforce), buy a laptop.  For those enjoying their freedom and taking a cross-country trip, offer up an iPad – it will surely please.

3. Smart phone

These days our lives are on our phones- contacts, music, games, and plenty of applications. Upgrade your grad to the newest smart phone so they can download some useful apps to make life easier and more fun!

4. Gift cards

Although they’re not as flexible as cash and sometimes have strings attached, gift cards to a favorite store, restaurant, or service are a fun present.  Plus, if you’re running late, just hop into your nearest grocery store and score!

5. Something fun and wacky

After awhile, graduates can start to receive a bunch of the same thing.  If you get a funny, but still practical item, your gift will end up being the perfect combination of enjoyable and memorable.  Some funny things we found were t-shirts, classic books, and stuff for the new apartment.

And remember, don’t forget the card!

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