Solution to a Stone Age Problem

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We just came back from sunny and warm Orlando, Florida.  No, we weren’t at Disney World; we were at Camex, the premiere trade show for college bookstores.  As you may have heard, we just rolled out a new service whereby anyone can launch their own textbook rental store on our BookRenter Platform.  And by anyone, we mean groups, clubs, organizations, or even college bookstores! So watch this space; we’ll soon be announcing our first partnerships with college campuses that are using our platform to run their own textbook rental stores and help you save money!

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textbook cartoon

Michael Geller
VP, Marketing

One Response to Solution to a Stone Age Problem

  1. BOOYAY! This cartoon say’s it all. The mafia hell, I feel that I’d be selling my soul if I were to pay the full price for some of these textbooks.