Mardi Gras was Tuesday and All I got was.. $500 Party In A Box!!!!

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Fat Tuesday was this week, which is one of our favorites at BookRenter. To celebrate this event, we decided to pass on a little something special to our loyal customers in the form of a contest on our Facebook page.

To take part in the contest, we asked that fans make their most creative Tiki mask using the template we provided. Easy enough right? Well, the staff at BookRenter was surprised to see so many amazing submissions, which you can see here.

The winning mask was designed by Lulu, a student at Cal State Fullerton.

After we got done fighting over who got to call her, we were bummed that she didn’t answer (though we left a voice mail). After she returned our call and screamed with joy for about 5 minutes, we were able to tell her that her “Party In A Box” was coming with:

-2 cameras
-Mardi Gras party supplies (beads, streamers, and a jester hat)
-$100 in Domino’s pizza
-$250 in cash
Thank you all who submitted Tiki masks, we had a blast doing this!


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