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Under 21? Good Luck Getting A Credit Card

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New credit card rules went into effect on Monday as part of the CARD Act to protect consumers from unfair practices.  One of the changes under this act states that credit card companies cannot issue cards to those under 21 unless that person has proof of being financially independent or a co-signer.

As someone who didn’t have a credit card until 22, this new rule doesn’t seem too bad.  I went to school in Boston, but lived at home with my parents in California.  I was able to survive just fine with my debit card and cash while at school and was happy to spare myself the worries of forgetting to pay my bill.

Once I moved back home after graduation, I applied for and got my 1st credit card when I had more time to learn exactly how minimum payments, interest rates, and all those important details work.  I was happy I had waited, all the fine print and rules around how much you pay, and when, made my head spin.  My point? Had I gotten a card in college, I wouldn’t have bothered to read my card’s terms and probably would’ve racked up debt without knowing it.

When the fans of our Facebook page were asked how they felt regarding this new rule, most people agreed with my stance.

Here are some of the replies that stood out:

To voice your opinion or to see those of others, check out our fan page.  In the meantime, make sure you stay informed on the other new rules under the CARD Act – it might save you in the long run.

BookRenter Laura

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Mardi Gras was Tuesday and All I got was.. $500 Party In A Box!!!!

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Fat Tuesday was this week, which is one of our favorites at BookRenter. To celebrate this event, we decided to pass on a little something special to our loyal customers in the form of a contest on our Facebook page.

To take part in the contest, we asked that fans make their most creative Tiki mask using the template we provided. Easy enough right? Well, the staff at BookRenter was surprised to see so many amazing submissions, which you can see here.

The winning mask was designed by Lulu, a student at Cal State Fullerton.

After we got done fighting over who got to call her, we were bummed that she didn’t answer (though we left a voice mail). After she returned our call and screamed with joy for about 5 minutes, we were able to tell her that her “Party In A Box” was coming with:

-2 cameras
-Mardi Gras party supplies (beads, streamers, and a jester hat)
-$100 in Domino’s pizza
-$250 in cash
Thank you all who submitted Tiki masks, we had a blast doing this!


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We’re #1 – Numero Uno – in Textbook Rentals!

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It’s been quite a month here at BookRenter.  We loved helping you save a ton of money on your textbook rentals, and THANKS for all the fantastic feedback, love letters, and marriage proposals you’ve sent into our customer support team.  We always get funny stuff sent in along with textbooks; we’ve recently gotten the top of a stripper pole (nobody’s quite sure where that ended up), adult diapers, and 300-thread count bedding!

However, nothing was funnier than the letter we received from another textbook rental company. It turns out they love our website as much as you do (they seem to visit it 24/7), and tried to get us to stop saying that we’re #1 by trying to trademark “#1”.   Could they be overcompensating because they have a small…catalog?

Well, you should know that no matter how hard you try, you can’t trademark a symbol.  Really.  The letter was simply a scare tactic…that failed.  And hey, if you had the largest catalog, you’d want to talk about it, right?  So we’ll continue to talk about it whenever and however we please, thank you very much.

It’s too bad – the money they used to hire a lawyer to write that letter probably could’ve been used to buy 100 pizzas, 166,000 marbles, or 650 pairs of cool turtle socks. Rest assured, our highest priority will always be to help you save even more money on your textbooks, so – I can assure you – we won’t be wasting any time or money trying to trademark any numbers, letters, or random symbols.  We’re perfectly comfortable with the size of our catalog.  After all, it’s #1.

BookRenter's #1 in textbook rentals~Tikiman

p.s. You can read more about this hot debate over at

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